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Excerpt from:  Chance of Desire

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product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance
to any actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.
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Chapter 1
“It co uldn’t have gone too far,
it doesn’t have legs!” Nikki yelled
frustrated with the belt she was looking for. “Taylor, have you seen it?” She was
flinging clothing out of her drawers and slamming them.
“Try where you took it off. Maybe it got kicked under the bed?” I was always
finding lost items for Nikki, who would lose her head if it weren’t attached. “It will
be the last place you had it and the last place you look.”
We had been best friends since the day Nikki Reed moved to the house next
door to me in the little town of Ridgeville. We started kindergarten together and after
graduation we moved into an apartment as roommates. We were as close as sisters.
“I found it!” Nikki called. “It was behind the couch. It must have fallen off the
back. Are you ready yet?” She asked, fastening the belt around the long white shirt
with the starched collar. She didn’t need it to hold up her shorts. She was up with
the fashion and Madonna’s look was the rage.
“Yes.” I responded tying off my long dark braid with a pink hair band. I had
cut my hair short at one time. Then after being mistaken for a boy at age sixteen
vowed it would never be cut again. Now, it hung down to the curve of my back and
in soft bangs across my forehead. My emerald green eyes peeking out from under
them proved to be quite a contrast. I was no beauty, but I had to make do with
what was given me.
I still had a boyish figure which was quite the difference to Nikki, who was full
figured and had short, flaming red hair. It matched her personality and was styled
in the “Like a Virgin” video on Mtv.
Nikki could flirt with the best. She was a girlie girl and worked her attributes. I
think they call that ‘high maintenance’.


I was a tomboy and would always be. I had always been able to fix mechanical
objects with ease. I even made extra money fixing things after work, mainly mowers
and small engines. I had tackled a microwave oven once and after several weeks
gave up. It was a lost cause. Every time I put popcorn in it, the bag of kernels would
explode and catch on fire and wouldn’t pop the first kernel.
“We are supposed to be picking up Angie in ten minutes. Let’s hope I don’t
need gas or we will be late.” I said putting on some vanilla perfume. A good shot to
the front of my shirt and I would smell good all night.
My nineteen seventy three Plymouth Duster was my pride and joy. It had a 318
V-eight engine and could drag race with the best. The gas mileage hadn’t been too
good lately, and it was running rather rough. I had already made arrangements for
the next day to borrow my father’s truck while I tuned up the old “Mopar” engine.
Hopefully, I would squeeze out a few more miles per gallon.
Nikki and I normally didn’t see each other on weekends. She usually had a date
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. She worked the rest of the week in the mall
at the north end of Ridgeville. I worked at the convienience store and gas station
on the corner.
But, Nikki was between boyfriends. This gave her a couple of free weekends
to hang out, and she used this time to scope out the male population. I, of course
never had a steady boyfriend, so it wasn’t a problem for me. I was just too shy. Guys
just weren’t interested.
“Looks like Angie has company.” Nikki said gazing at the other cars in the
drive way.
I honked the horn impatiently, and Angie ran to the car with two other girls in
tow. A tall lanky girl and a little petite one that they dragged behind them. All three
were blonde and had similar faces. No denying that they were definantly family.
“This is Tina and Cathy, my cousins from Pennsylvania. Would it be ok if they
tagged along with us? We have to be back here by ten o’clock, because they are
leaving in the morning.” Angie was cute, she made me think of a little pixie that
could eat mounds of food and never gain a pound. When she talked, she spoke fast
and with all of her body. If you cut off her hands she would be a mute.
“Sure, pile in. The more the merrier, they say.” Nikki flung open the car door
and let the three newcomers climb into the back seat.
“Well, we are off to the fair!” I said backing out of the driveway while Nikki
popped in a cassette. Then we sang out Joan Jett and the Blackheart’s I love Rock
and Roll and Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock and Roll all the way to the fair.
We arrived at the county fair just after dark and it was already crowded with
people. I could smell the caramel corn and cotton candy. Friday night of the fair
was always a mess because of the band contest. Tonight was no different, just as
next Friday would be with whatever or whoever the entertainment was in the


grandstand. The fair posters boasted the group ‘Alabama’. A country band that was
topping the charts. The fair lasted two weeks, and this was the first one.
“Let’s look at the animals before it gets too dark.” Nikki said pointing to the
4-H barns. There were several rows of white buildings with green roofs that peaked.
Kids were going in and out of them taking care of thier livestock.
“Are you more interested in the farm animals or the farm boys?” Angie asked
“What’s the difference? They are both animals!” I answered for Nikki, inspiring
all the girls to laugh. “But too young for her.”
We walked through the calf barn, being very careful not to step in manure.
Angie and her cousins wrinkled thier noses and “eewwww” ed. A little girl pulled a
cow along to it’s stall. It was huge and how that little girl held it I didnt know.
Nikki had to say “Hi” to a couple of the fellows who were standing around and
talking. Being the typical farm boy, they were very interested, but she just kept on
By unanimous vote, we skipped the hog barn, due to the fact that it was dusty
and smelled really rank. I didn’t think the “cousins” could handle stepping in that.
“Fresh country air.” mumbled Nikki in a nasaly voice. She was holding her
“Fresh, my foot!” I replied to her comment. The only time I could tolerate a
hog, was when it was roasting on a barbeque, or in pork chop form.
The rabbit barn took a little more time since Angie and Tina tried to pet every
‘cute little bunny’.
“Horses!” I exclaimed when we left the poultry barn. “Let’s look at them.
Someday, I’m going to have horses and maybe start my own ranch.” I had been
putting most of my paycheck in savings for a rainy day. I was building up quite a
nest egg from my income. Once the inheritance my aunt had left me was released
to me I could do what ever I wanted.
My aunt had a horse ranch down in Kentucky where I learned to ride and take
care of horses during my summer vacations from school. Then I got too old to go
down there. I had school summer activites and friends I didn’t want to leave.
Aunt Sandy had died several years past, leaving me a parcel of land. The rest
of the estate had been auctioned off and the money was set up in a trust fund for
me. I would then be able to have it upon my twenty-fifth birthday, which was a
year away.
“Oh, you own horse farm? Right and I’m Marilyn Monroe!” Nikki said playfully,
striking the infamous pose.
“For being dead all these years, you are holding up well.” Angie giggled then
We walked along the stables petting each horse as we went and discussing the
rides each of us wanted to go on.


In one stall, a man wearing a black cowboy hat tipped so that it hid his face was
examining the legs of a beautiful gray horse.
Nikki winked at me. “I’ll buy that one.” She laughed and pointed to the guy.
She had an uncanny knack for embarrassing me in public, especially in front of the
opposite sex, even more so when they were very handsome.
“Sorry, Miss, I have already purchased her.” He drawled. He had obviously
misunderstood Nikki’s joke. Looking up at us, his pale gray eyes came to rest on
me. Eyes that were so intense I felt as though I were lost in them. I could feel a flush
come over my body, and I could not break the gaze he held on me.
“Excuse me,” a high pitched voice from behind me said, “excuse me!” This
girl seemed to be a little more than obnoxious. She nudged me breaking the tie
between the cowboy and me. “I need in there. Would you children move on your
way and . . . uh . . . get lost.” Using her shoulder, she pushed past me, giving me a
look of pure hatred. She stepped into the stall, ignoring the horse, went straight to
the cowboy.
The horse threw up her head and started prancing, trying to get away from the
girl. It acted genuinely afraid of her. Horses can tell things about people.
“Dumb broad.” mumbled Nikki.
I nodded, silently agreeing with her. We didn’t need the horse to know that.
The cowboy, reacting to the horse’s movements, grabbed the girl and pulled
her away from the frightened animal. In the attempt to protect the girl from getting
kicked, he placed his arm around her and drew her to the side.
“Hello Darling, did you miss me?” She purred pushing her breasts into the
cowboy’s chest. Obviously, she took his gesture as being a romantic overture, and
pulled his head down and passionately kissed him. She turned and looked directly
at me making a motion as if to scoot us away, and said. “May we have some
privacy? Now shoo!” That southern belle accent didn’t preceed a proper lady.
My heart dropped into my stomach. He was spoken for I realized with a jolt.
He couldn’t have had any taste anyway, judging by his girlfriend.
I could only stand there and stare completely bewildered by the exhibition that
I had just seen. I looked from the cowboy to the girl and back to the cowboy. His
face was beet red and I could tell he was embarrassed and upset.
Even Nikki seemed too stunned to make a comment. Most people did not get the
upper hand on her. She answered the best she had. “Oh, gag-me-with-a-spoon!”
Valley girl or not, Nikki was right.
“Let’s go.” Tina said tugging at my sleeve, “I’m hungry for one of those hot
dogs with the chili sauce on it. What are they called?”
“A chili dog.” Nikki answered rolling her eyes. “Come on, Taylor, let’s get out
of here.”
As we walked away I could hear the cowboy and the girl in a heated argument.
Looking over my shoulder, I saw the girl storm out the barn and between the barns.


“That girl needs an attitude adjustment.” Nikki announced jerking her thumb
in the direction of the barn. “Too bad that horse didn’t kick that floozie right in the
keyster! I would have paid to see that!”
“Me too” I thought “Me too.”
It was growing late as we stood in front of the ride called ‘The Rocket’. This ride
contained two cars that would swing up into the air, taking the secured, screaming
passengers upside down with a force that flattened them to the back of their seats.
I eyed the ride nervously, knowing that I would be really sick. It didn’t help
that the onion rings and chili dog was already making me nauseous. The passenger
problem proved to be my escape. “I’ll sit this one out.” I informed the rest of the
party. Just watching and hearing the screams of the current passengers were making
me weak in the knees.
“Are you sure? This is the last ride for tonight. We have to get Angie home
before she turns into a pumpkin.” Nikki offered to give up her seat to me. “I can be
the odd man out this time.”
“No, I want to go through the funhouse. I’ll meet you here when the ride is
over.” I turned and started walking toward the brightly painted walk through ride.
I didn’t give her a chance to try and change my mind.
I stopped to watch some kids playing in the barrel roll at the exit of the
funhouse. They tumbled and fell, a couple of them were managing to do cartwheels.
I couldn’t help but laugh aloud. I hoped my stomach would hold out so that I could
have a little fun in there.
I walked up to the entrance and handed the ticket to the carnie who grinned at
me and said, “Want me to hold your hand while you go through, Honey? I promise
I won’t lead you too far astray.” His breath stank and he desperately needed a
“No. No, thank you, I’ll be fine.” I told him and quickly entered the first chamber
making sure that he didn’t follow me in.
My fears quickly subsided as I made my way across the moving floors and
through the pipes dangling from the ceiling. Several kids ran in front of me making
the pipes swing, hitting me when I least expected it.
Then came the maze of mirrors, it was dark and hard to see. I ran into several
frames of glass, getting thoroughly lost. Trapped in a dead end, I turned to retrace
my steps and ran into the chest of a very tall, dark man. I gasped thinking it was the
carnie. I sucked in my air to scream.
I looked up to the pale gray eyes looking down at me. “Miss, could you show
me the way out of here?” He asked with a southern drawl that made my toes curl.
It was the cowboy from the stable!
Relief flooded over me, letting out the breath I had been holding, my hand
went to my throat.


“Are you ok?” He asked, placing his hand on my arm as if to steady me. His
hand was warm and sent a calming feeling into my body. He was as gentle with me
as he had been with the beautiful horse.
“Yeah, the carnie kind of scared me.” I confessed feeling a little embarrassed. “I
thought you were him.”
“Well, you are safe with me. I don’t bite, hard anyway. We can find our way out
together.” He took my hand and drew me past him. “Lead the way.”
I could feel him behind me, with each glance over my shoulder I felt my insides
go flush. I wanted to turn around and look into those eyes. I could smell his musky
cologne, it was a male scent, yet it was quiet and serene.
I wanted to run my fingers through the light brown hair that straggled out
from under the black hat.
The grip he kept on my hand was gentle, yet secure. The warmth of it flowing
freely though me.
I had never felt this way before, and I wanted to revel in it. Holding him close
and feel his skin touching mine. My inexperience and innocence pressed in the
back of my mind was trying to stop these new feelings as it had before.
I knew it was wrong to feel this way, especially since I knew he was taken.
If I thought he were free I would probably faint from the passion my body was
currently trying to suppress.
I moved through the maze quite slowly, I did not want to find the exit. I made
several wrong turns, and then he stopped abruptly, pulling me to a halt. I was sure
he had figured out I was stalling.
“Miss?” He said drawing me around to face him. “I want to apologize to you for
what happened at the stable. What Andrea pulled was totally out of line. She is not
my girlfriend, or anything. In fact, I came here to get away from her.”
“She was a little obnoxious, wasn’t she?” I stated sarcastically, remembering the
humiliating scene the girl had caused.
The stranger grinned and nervously laughed. His voice was making my heart
start fluttering again. He was extremely handsome when he smiled, I could even
make out dimples. “You are right, very obnoxious.” He agreed, and then taking my
hand to his chest asked, “Will you accept my sincere apology?”
“Apology accepted.” I said in a velvety tone with a smile, hoping he wouldn’t
sense the affect he had on me.
He lifted my hand to his lips placing a gentle kiss on it. My knees were going
In a heartbeat, he dropped my hand and leaning forward kissed me on the
lips. It was a tender kiss that lingered and seared itself into my memory. I hoped it
would never end, I was completely absorbed. His lips left mine and I couldn’t bear
to open my eyes stopping the dream. When I did open my eyes, it was to find that
he was gone. He had vanished.


A feeling of helplessness came over me. I wouldn’t be able to find him in the
maze. There were too many dead ends and wrong turns, but if I could get to the
exit and wait for him or even catch up with him. I had to try.
Quickly and carefully I was picking my way through the maze of mirrors. At
the exit I could still feel his presence, I could smell his cologne. He was ahead of me
and had already left the ride. I would never find him in this crowd.
I stepped through the barrel roll and into the night air. I blinked, my eyes
adjusting to the bright lights of the midway. Forgetting about playing in the barrel
roll. It was no longer important.
“Taylor!” It was Nikki running toward me, waving her arms to get my
attention. She was out of breath and looking worried. “Where have you been? I
have been looking all over for you!” She demanded. “I thought maybe you had
been kidnapped!”
“Um . . .” I searched the crown of people hoping to catch a glimpse of the
handsome stranger. “I was lost in the funhouse with the handsome cowboy from
the stable holding my hand. Have you seen him anywhere?”
“Yeah, right.” She didn’t seem convinced.
“I am serious. Have you seen him?” I asked again.
Nikki shook her head. “No, I haven’t seen your fellow.”
“Where are Angie and the girls?” I asked, looking around, the emptiness starting
to take effect on me. I would never find him; I didn’t even know his name.
“They had to be home early, remember? Well, Angie called her dad and told
him they would be a few minutes late. Then they walked home.”
“Good thing Angie lives in town. Was she mad?”
“No. Have you really been in the funhouse all this time?”
“Yes! Lost with the great looking, great kissing cowboy!”
“Would you stop it with the kissing cowboy tales? You are standing all alone
here!” Nikki flung her arms back and forth in the empty air next to me. “Just how
did you lose the stud?”
“I don’t know.” I shrugged my shoulders. “I am ready to go home.” I steered
Nikki toward the parking lot. “I am just about wiped out.”
“Since you are so tired, I’ll drive.” Nikki stated. She was always looking for an
excuse to drive the Duster. She loved the power it had.
Being tired was the last thing on my mind. All I could think of was the stranger
with the gray eyes. I was sure I would be dreaming of that fun house for a long time
to come. So I tossed the keys to her and she jumped behind the wheel.
Upon leaving the fair, Nikki took the main highway toward home. It was the
quickest way to get to Ridgeville, which was eight miles from the fairgrounds.
“I know how to find him!” I exclaimed turning in my seat to tell Nikki. “He said
he was going to buy that horse, right?”
Nikki hesitated then said, “Yes.”


want to hear this plan or not?” I demanded.
Nikki grinned, “Please continue, I want to hear this.”
“I will stake out the stall and wait for him to arrive. He is bound to check on
his investment.”
“Then what? Peel off Ms. Personality, get into a fight, and get thrown out of the
fairgrounds. You’ll be right back where you started.”
“Who is Andrea?”
“Andrea is Ms. Personality. That is her name. She won’t be there, she isn’t his
girlfriend. She is just someone trying to get into his pants.” I was talking to fast
trying to convince myself of what I was saying.
Nikki laughed hysterically, and then in her announcer voice yelled, “Virgin
meets Vixen, fight of the Century. Just remember, good girls always finish last.”
“Ok, ok, you have made your point. Now, drive.” I was beginning to believe
her. I didn’t stand a chance. I wasn’t worldly in any way, but I felt the need to try. I
would be at the fairgrounds first thing in the morning. Tomorrow I would have to
ignore my shyness and be forward with my emotions. The thought really scared
me, but I would do it. If I didn’t try I would never succeede. Nothing ventured,
nothing gained.
At that moment, a red Camaro flew across the highway in front of the Duster.
It had come from a smaller country road. There was no time to brake. Nikki
swerved the car into the ditch. The momentum of the car made it flip over twice
and crashed the driver side into an old oak tree. I was thrown from the car, my
body slammed into some fallen branches and rolled into a grassy area.
I could feel the cold ground, wet with dew, under me. Then I began to feel the
pain of the crushed and twisted nerves and ligaments.
I closed my eyes against the pain. I heard a vehicle screech to a halt.
Someone was kneeling over me.
I hurt . . . . Eyes . . . Gray eyes were looking at me . . . It was him, he was with me.
No . . . it was the pain . . . it was making me see things . . . hurt, I hurt so bad.
“Hold on, help is on the way.” He told me. “Try not to move.”
Pain . . . “Don’t leave me.” His presence was strong and it comforted me a
“I am not going anywhere. I won’t leave you.”
Cold . . .
so cold . . .
pain . . .
Then I could hear sirens.


“This one is still alive. Help her, please!” He yelled, never letting go of my hand.
I could hear whispers . . . “Driver . . . crushed . . .
No pulse . . .
Get the live one . . .”
“Stay with me, Gray Eyes . . . Don’t go!” I screamed when the medics took
over. I struggled against the pain for only a moment before I passed out,,,


What happens next? Will she live? Will Nikki die? Who is the mysterious cowboy? Want to know? You know what to do!!!

Chance of Desire can be purchased on Amazon at this link!


Losing weight the REAL way…

Copyright © 2012 by Rhonda Mock.All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in
any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying,
recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission
in writing from the copyright owner.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the
product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance
to any actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

I wrote this book for a laugh, because all of my diets fail…horribly. Diets go down in flames around me! They say “Those who cannot do, teach.” If you ask me, Those who cannot do…laugh about it and provide amusement for their friends.

This book is nearly finished. I am in the process of the photos and illustrations. Soon...it will be soon...SOON I tell ya!!

Excerpts from:  Key to a Murder

Copyright © 2011 by Rhonda Mock.All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in
any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying,
recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission
in writing from the copyright owner.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the
product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance
to any actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.



Chapter 1

    “Jeff, the shipment is coming in on Friday from Miami.” Darryl said with his bulky body turned away from Jeff. “It will be here and ready to go by next Wednesday.” He had the deepest voice Jeff had ever heard.
    Jeff wasn’t really listening. The shipment always came in on Friday and always left out on Wednesday.  He was checking his sheet to make sure the current load was correct. It would be the last load he would run and had been his regular run for almost a year. He was sick of wearing the filtered mask. His hands were sweaty and stunk because of the rubber gloves not being changed enough. It was the only way to protect him though. That cocaine dust could be carried on the breeze. He didn’t want high, just to get the job done.
    Duke was getting careless. He thought because he was invincible in Memphis that he could rule other big cities. There were bigger families that would put him in his place and Jeff did not want to be there when they did.


Things like that turned out to be a bloodbath and unmarked shallow graves. His father-in-law had prescribed more cases of hole-in-the-head syndrome than would ever be known, and he didn’t want on that list either. He had witnessed way too many of them, he had been part of too many of them.     
    After working for Duke for six months, he started working his way up the ladder. He quickly became a right hand man to the boss. He carried out orders without question. He was ruthless and showed no mercy. Protecting the boss was one of his biggest concerns and he did it well. Jeff had made people weep by just looking at them.
    Then, he fell in love with the boss’s daughter. That had been a major ‘oops’.
    Duke had been opposed to the idea of Jeff being with his precious daughter, like any rebellious child, she went against her father. They had kept their love a secret. A passionate love affair, hiding and sneaking around. In the end, they had run off and eloped.
    It was a miracle that Duke hadn’t killed Jeff for that, in fact, only her pleading had kept him alive. Duke had already battered him around, cleaned his gun, and had Jeff cornered. Weeping and begging, his new wife had put on a good show. Good enough that Duke had relented, but he busted him down in rank among his men. Jeff had been a right hand man, privy to many deals and the true dealers themselves, but it was all gone with a single ‘I do’.
    His wife, Honey, who had been so sweet before they married, grew into a tyrant. She was as ruthless as her father. She had a natural exterior beauty that was purchased from the latest fad doctor. Dark and mysterious, till she opened her mouth. What he had fell in love with, he would never know again. She nagged, she prissed, she demanded, she was Daddy’s little girl. She spent money faster than he made it and he was expected to keep her in style. He regretted the last five years that he had lost to her.
    All he was used for was to mule since the fateful day after wedding. Duke made sure that Jeff was miserable. No more body guard, collection of protection money or strong arming for him. Driving a truck didn’t pay too well, but daddy’s little girl kept her fingers in daddy’s wallet when his own wallet came up short.
     He found other ways to make money. Other ways that no one would know about till it was too late and he would make a lot of it. Honey would never get her greedy overpriced, outlandish claws on it.
    “Darryl, we need three more cases to make the load. Where are they? 


They should have been there. Why aren’t they here?” Jeff asked, looking around the packing area. It was his head on the line if the load got shorted. If someone was stealing the precious cocaine, he did not want to take the blame for it, not now anyway.
    Darryl begrudgingly went into the office and returned with two of the missing cases. Jeff wouldn’t take the fall for that thief. Let the next mule and packer take the blame for missing coke. “Get the last box.” He ordered staring straight at Darryl and pointing at the office. “Stealing from a shipment is not something you want to get caught doing. So, if you think you have to do that…go someplace else. I don’t want killed over you or with you.” Darryl glowered at him and took off. He knew the penalty for theft from Duke was death.
    Each box case held six canisters of cocaine. The bags of white powder were dropped into coffee cans and filled over with coffee. The coffee disguised the cocaine and the drug sniffing dogs couldn’t smell it. The final sealed box handed over to Jeff from Darryl was put in place.
    It was his job to take the load to up to Chicago and back down to Cincinnati. Then he would return to Memphis with the empty truck, ready to go again.
     He had been so lucky that the police hadn’t stopped him. He did run a lot of smaller highways so that he would be off the beaten path. It took him through a lot of country. He loved the small scenic towns he passed through. The picket fences along the highway, hiding a yard of new mown grass. Horses in the field, grazing and frolicking. Each one a little different, but they felt like home.
    People would wave at him, he would see kids playing in yards, old folks walking dogs, schools and churches. He dreamed of living there. A life he could never have being married to the Wicked Witch of Memphis and Daddy Duke.
    This was his last run. If he could make it through this load he would be home free. He would just disappear and they would never know where he went. He would be free.

    “Where the Hell is Jeff?” Duke demanded. “What do you mean he is missing?”  


Adam cringed, “I don’t know. He should have been back two days ago. There has been no word from him.” Jeff had just disappeared. He had left for Chicago with the shipment and he did manage to get to Chicago. He unloaded and drove into the night and disappeared.
    “Get my daughter on the phone!” Duke yelled. He would call her and see if she knew anything about this problem. “Call her cell.”
    Honey answered the phone, “Hello?”
    “Sweetie, we have a problem.” Duke was clenching his teeth.
    “Oh, Hi Daddy.” She figured this had something to do with her good for nothing husband. The only time her father called her with a problem was when her stupid husband had screwed up again. “What did he do now?”
    “Well, for one, my office was broken into.” Duke was holding his anger as best he could. She was his darling daughter. It wasn’t her fault that she married an idiot.
    “Oh? What did they take?” She asked. Heads would roll and people would go to jail if certain things leaked out of Daddy’s office. “Do you think Jeff had something to do with it? He really doesn’t have the balls to do that.” Jeff couldn’t have anything to do with it, because he was a goat, a sheep, he only followed orders. He could not think on his own, that is why she married him. He needed someone to take charge of his life, someone to rule him. She, however, needed someone to rule.
    He was one fun roll in the hay, but the marriage was stale. He was stale. If her father wouldn’t say “I told you so.” then kill Jeff, she would have divorced him some time ago. She did kinda care for him a little bit or she would have let Daddy kill him. He was like her little dog, he belonged to her. He might chew up a good shoe or poop on the carpet but he would sit up and beg for her.
    Duke asked in a quiet voice, “Have you seen Jeff?” Quiet voice meant deadly voice.
    “Daddy, I haven’t seen Jeff in over a week. I thought you had him on errands?” It had been like spring break without Jeff there. She had enjoyed being alone and having the house to herself. She had even had a private party, just her and the pool boy. His dark sleek body and accent gave her a shiver.
    “No, I didn’t. He is missing. My office is broken into and he is missing! Looks incriminating to me.” He growled and hung up the phone.
    Adam moved the phone onto its received to charge on the desk. “Do you have any idea what he got?” He wondered just what had been taken. Adam had a clue, a big clue, since much of what could be in there was his doing. He had just been promoted a few weeks ago, he would learn the secrets soon enough.
    “Yeah, enough to blackmail my ass for millions.” Duke walked out onto the balcony. 


Duke was playing golf at the country club. He had hit his ball and it landed just beyond the 4th hole. He whistled as he walked toward the green. He had never been a champ or made the pros with his golf, but he did enjoy it.
    An employee of the club ran up to him. “Mr. Duke?”
    “Whatcha want, Boy?” He tossed his favorite club to his caddy.
    The boy was breathless, but he blurted out, “There is a man here to see you, Sir.”
    “Who is it?” Duke asked. “Never mind. He will wait till I finish my game.” He flipped the kid a silver dollar.
    “Yes Sir.” The boy started to leave, then turned around. “Sir? He said it was urgent.”
    Duke motioned for his caddy to bring the golf cart to him. “In that case, I will head that way. It better be urgent, interrupting my golf game is not a wise thing to do.”
    When he got to the club house, he was ushered to a table overlooking the course. It was his favorite table and was reserved for him. He was surprised to see the private detective he had hired sitting across from him sipping a pina colada and eating finger sandwiches.
    “You found him?” Duke was elated. It had taken over a year to locate that son in law of his. “Where?”
    “A little town in Indiana. He has come out of hiding and is living there.” The private investigator filled in all the details. “He is going by the name Jerry Smith. It’s a little town just north east of Muncie Indiana, it’s out in the boonies.” He pushed the folder with all the information to Duke.
    Duke thanked the investigator and sent him on his way. He sat back in his chair and reflected on the situation. Vital records were copied from his computer. He had trusted that asshole. Jeff had been like a son to him, till he married Duke’s daughter. He had nearly killed him once, and now he might actually have the chance to do it again.
    That is, if he would be able to beat the Chicago crew to Jerry. He had stolen from them too. They were looking for Jeff hot and heavy as well. Actually, Duke figured Jeff had already been fitted with cement shoes, but it appeared that Chicago had not gotten him yet. Yet.
    He scanned the report the private dick had left. Redkey, Indiana would not be hard to find. He rifled through the pictures of Jeff. He had changed his appearance. Duke wondered who the little blonde woman was in the pictures. She was hanging all over Jeff and Jeff all over her. He had no clue that his world was about to blow up in his face.
    “Adam!” Duke yelled. This news was good enough to interrupt his golf game.
    Adam, who had been standing watch inconspicuously from just outside the room, slipped in. He was there guarding his employer and listening to the conversation. He needed to know and now he would be ready. Ready at a moment’s notice.
    Adam had been taking good care of the boss for few months. He was considered Duke’s right hand man. He had joined the group as a flunky and went out of his way to make people disappear. Gaining a nickname “Magix” had been part of his road to the top. If you went with Magix, you didn’t come back. Duke Monarch had just lost his right hand man and was promoting within his own organization. He had heard good things about Adam or Magix, so he called him to the office and gave him a promotion.
    “Adam, I think there is a road trip in our future.” He lit a cigar. “We have found our prodigal son.”
    Adam tilted his head, “We have?” He had met Jeff a couple times, but Jeff had disappeared soon after they had first talked.
    “Yes, we have. Where is Honey today?” He picked up his cell phone to make the call. She would be happy to find out her beloved husband was still alive.
    The beauty shop was backed up and she had not yet gotten into the chair. That dingy hairdresser had been over booked. Reggie was being such a drama queen today. She had to wait, something she was not used to doing, so Reggie would not be getting her usual tip.
    “Hi Daddy.” She said, flipping through the hairdo book. She wanted a change. Maybe something a lot shorter and a change of color. Reggie always said she needed something stylish, but Reggie’s stylish and her stylish were two different things.
    “Honey, we have found Jeff.”
    The words were sizzling into her brain. They had found him. That worthless, piece of crap husband. “Redkey, where the hell is Redkey?” She asked. While her father told her all the information he had just received, she grabbed the pen off Reggie’s desk and was writing it down.
    She wanted all the information so that she could get to him first. She had to beat Duke to Jeff. To hell with her hair, she was leaving for Redkey as soon as she could get packed.
    Adam listened to his employer tell Honey, the psycho woman he called daughter, all the details over the phone. He would slip away later and make his own phone calls. 

Will Jeff stay hidden? Who is the blonde? Where the heck is Redkey? How does SPPI GHOST HUNTERS tie in?

If you want to know...you will have to wait till the book is on the market!! LOL