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The Early Years...

Rhonda grew up near Portland, IN. Her parents were "baby boomers". Rhonda is the oldest and only female with 4 brothers. As a result of the "depression" of the 1970's she grew up poor but happy. She was quite a tomboy.

Her step father was a horse trader, so she learned to ride early.  She and her mother, Diana, shared an undying love for horses. Every chance she got she was riding or brushing or just sitting in the stall talking to Twinkles or Copper.

Rhonda joined 4H and was soon showing her horse against other local 4H kids 

Bumps in the Road

Rhonda graduated from Jay County High School in 1985 and married in 1992. She gave birth to a girl in June of 93. She started writing the novel Chance of Desire while she was pregnant. She wrote it out long hand in binders. Her mom gave her an electric typewriter to pound it out on. For Christmas her husband gave her a Brother word processor to which she started writing regularly.

She was unable to research publishers unless she went to the library and looked them up in publications.  With a small child and limited vehicle use, this was nearly impossible.

Her daughter soon became her life. Baby bottles, dirty diapers, and a sweet cherub took most of her time ( I have to laugh when I read "Sweet Cherub" Hahahaha)

Her marriage became rocky and she was divorced in 1996.

She struggled to be a single mom. Working in factories and taking odd jobs where they could be found. Times were hard but she still took a few minutes here and there to write. She was poor but still happy. It took all she had to support her child and herself.

She bought a computer with her first tax check. A reward for her divorce.

Her word processor was not compatible with the computer, so she had to transcribe the entire book.  This was a very tedious job and took a long time.

Older and Wiser (or not)

Rhonda kept working on the novel when she would get a spare moment. By this time, her daughter was in 4H Horse and Pony and different things at school. So there wasn't much spare time.

A lap top was acquired and made some things simpler. It helped to have access to wireless internet. 

Her daughter turned 18 years of age in 2011.

It took eighteen years and 5 changes of technology from long hand to laptop, to complete Chance of Desire. Each change of technology constituted a complete transcription. She had to rewrite the book each time for each machine.

Rhonda is now 45 years old and divorced. She never lost her sense of humor through the rough times. Her love of horses is still undying. She has a beautiful daughter, who graduated in the class of 2012 from high school and has already started her college. 

She has several books that are in the process of being written...they won't take 18 years... 

Just Little Things...

Rhonda is a daydreamer...always has been, always will be...

Rhonda is a "jack of all trades". Some of the jobs she has held include: a cook at a horse auction, police dispatcher, radio sales and disc jockey at WZZY Radio, human resource clerk, dry wall mudder, construction crew supervisor, voice overs, office manager, rode horses thru an auction, floral designer, teacher's aid, and video jockey for Coca Cola. Her latest adventure is the High Spirits Cafe - Internet, coffee, tea, and pastries in the haunted setting of the Gray Hotel in beautiful downtown Redkey.

As a volunteer she works with 4H Horse and Pony (horse show mom and volunteer educator), Shadow Patrol Paranormal Investigaitons (she is president), Historic Redkey, Inc., and whatever else she can be conned...um...asked to do.

She and several moms put together a large horse clinic geared at teaching kids to take care of their horses and how to show them. It was held at Bear Creek Farms and served over a hundred people each clinic. 

Rhonda's Favorites in the Form of 'Offhand Thoughts'

Chocolate...with a side of chocolate....and a Dr Pepper.

Nuts should never be mixed with chocolate in anyway...cashews are to be savored alone .

Rhonda's favorite foods:

                                                Anything I don't have to chase down

Anything that doesn't eat me first 

A medium well rib eye will NEVER be turned down. 

I enjoy fish from Captain D's or fresh blue gill or bass

I absolutely love homemade ice cream...and carmel frappe's  from McDonalds. But they torture me..

Carnation flowers have the most beautiful smell and mini carnations are precious, but the fusia plant has the prettiest flowers.

I LOVE Dodge trucks...but drive a Chevy...don't ask..but I want a Herbie!!

OK OK you asked...My daughter drives the Chevy but since she wrecked MY car...I drive a Chevy! 

Ghost Hunting...I love the warm fuzzy feeling of talking to an entity and having it validated. I love the adrenaline rush when first coming in contact. The goosebumps from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

I hope someday to help these favorite charities:

Southwest Indian Foundation - Helps kids with education, families with heat, housing, and clean water.

(This is poverty right here in the US people!! Why send money overseas when you could help our own US citizens)

ARF - Animal Rescue Fund of Muncie, IN We are all animal lovers and will help out any way we can.

  Wild Horse Foundation

 I LOVE IRELAND!!  I want to go there someday! Kentucky, Tennessee and W. Virginia are my favorite states.

Little things I have done that were...irregular...

I fell off the firetruck in the Winchester Mardi Gras Parade when I was in 4th grade....then 20 years later was hit by a low hanging tree limb and swiped into the back of a fire truck in the Dunkirk Glass Days Parade. I have only rode 2 firetrucks in my life!!! 

 I love writing and photography.

Photography! I have been winning awards for my work! 

You can find me on Viewbug.com, Gurushots, and Pixoto.com 

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Favorite books

The Once and Future King (Merlin and Aurther from boyhood to king)

Year of the Unicorn by Andre Norton

The Stephanie Plum Series (1 thru 20 and the between the numbers books) by Janet Evanovich...I have only read to #16, I am still waiting on the rest to hit Walmart

Victoria Holt, Phillipa Carr, Catherine Gaskin - Any of her novels. Terri Blackstock is another favorite author of mine. 

 I love history. I can talk local history allllll day. I am a member of Historic Redkey and hope to be a member of the Jay County Historical Society soon.

I found out thru geneaology that I am descended from English Royalty on my Dad's side,  Irish on my Mom's Mom's side and American Indian (Cherokee or Iroquois?) on her Dad's side. Does that make me a blue blooded red neck?