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Chance of Desire AVAILABLE NOW  Fiction - Romance and Suspense

Available in paperback and e book  through Amazon upon release. See the "Book Shop" tab for more information

     A young woman and her best friend find themselves at a county fair in rural Indiana. Taylor experiences a thrill when a strange cowboy corners her on a carnival ride and leaves her breathless. He disappears and she has no clue who he is, but is determined to find out.

     When a car wreck turns her world upside down Taylor is forced to make A choice that will send her back into the very arms of the mysterious cowboy...and to the treachery in his midst. Will Taylor be murdered or will she find love. Everything is at stake for a Chance of Desire!


Memoirs of a Ghost Hunter coming soon! Non-Fiction

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Key to a Murder Coming Soon! Fiction

Living in Redkey can be murder...especially where ghost hunters are concerned. 

"The Deep Doo Doo Weight Loss Workout" is in it's final stages.... FICTION

This fun diet and workout is full of humor, diet, and exercise tips...and that is not all it's full of!! Deep Doo Doo is in the title!

It is every dieters dream and nightmare!  Work off those inches...anyway you can...